Tutorial: Wrapped Washer Necklaces

Wrapped Washer Necklaces

Source: designmom.com

Check out these wrapped washer necklaces…. aren’t they beautiful?!  They really are.  And, they are so easy to make.  I found this necklace craft at Design Mom.  Here Gabrielle Blair shows us how to make these darling necklaces out of washers and embroidery thread.  She offers two step-by-step tutorials.  One for the littler crafters and a second for more experienced crafters.  Bother turn out lovely.  And, what is really cool is that they would make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts.  After all, Mother’s Day is just days away.  Plus, the craft is fun and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Cut about an arm’s length of embroidery thread.  For both types of washer necklaces you will start by wrapping the embroidery thread around the washers.  Use whatever colors you would like for your thread.  Finish wrapping your washers until they are completely covered with thread.  Bind the washers as Gabriele describes.  For Gabrielle’s first necklace she connects the washers with the embroidery thread.  This necklace is completely done with embroidery floss.  It’s gorgeous, but is meant for more experienced crafters.  For Gabrielle’s second necklace it is much easier, but equally as gorgeous.  After you are done binding all the washers you want for this necklace you simply thread them on a chain and it is ready to be worn or given as a gift.  Gabrielle offers two excellent crafts for two different types of washer necklaces.  Whichever one you decide to do you will enjoy the finished necklace for many, many years.  Or better yet, do them both.

Craft Materials Needed:  Washers, Scissors, Chain necklace, Waxed Linen or Embroidery thread, Super Glue (optional)

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