Tutorial : Glue Batik Father’s Day Banner

Glue Batik Father’s Day Banner

Source: naturallyeducational.com

I found the cutest Father’s Day banner on Naturally Educational website that young children (especially preschoolers and kindergarteners age group) can make for their daddy or grandpa! This kid-friendly glue batik craft technique is simple and messy which makes it perfect for kids in my book. You will need to purchase materials such as fabric, glue gel and various paint colors (acrylic or fabric). The complete list will be listed below. Children might need adult supervision, mostly explaining to them what is to be done.

Craft Materials Needed: Fabric, Glue Gel, Acrylic Paints or Fabric Paints, Cardboard, Wood Dowels or Twigs, Fabric Adhesive Tape, Yarn, Pencil

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