Tutorial: Safety Pin Bracelet

Safety Pin Bracelet

Source: alphamom.com

I’m always looking for cool jewelry crafts for kids that aren’t too difficult to make.  I came across this one that is simply beautiful and very easy to make.  I found this bracelet craft at AlphaMom.  It’s stunning isn’t it?  It really is.  And, it is made from safety pins and cool beads.  Your daughter can make it for her friends or for herself.  Either way I’m sure it will be enjoyed by whoever wears it.  Cindy put this craft together for Valentine’s Day, but it really can be made and worn anytime of year.  It would make a great Valentine’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift or even a wonderful Birthday gift.

The first thing you will want to do is add your beads randomly to the safety pins.  You will be using about 40 safety pins, but maybe more or less depending on the wrist size.  Making sure the safety pins are facing the same direction thread one string of elastic cord through the bottom holes of the safety pins and then using another piece of cord thread the cord through the top holes.  Now, tie the cords together and that’s it…. you have yourself a very cool safety pin bracelet.  It was so easy you could probably make a bunch for your friends too.  Enjoy!!

Craft Materials Needed:  1mm elastic cording (or thicker), about 40 safety pins, assortment of beads.

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