Tutorial: Beautiful Flower Pot for Mother’s Day

Flower Pot for Mother's Day

Source: duitang.com

I found this beautiful Mother’s Day craft at Duitang.  It is a Chinese website and the craft is perfect for Mother’s Day.  The crafter uses a cleaned out tuna fish can and clothespins to create this beautiful flower pot.  You can fill it with your Mother’s favorite plant or flower.  Or, if you scroll down through the pictures on the site you will see that they even use this pot for a candle holder.  Both are equally lovely and surely your Mother will love either one.  Now, the entire site is in Chinese, but there are excellent pictures for each step, so you should have no problems following the entire how-to even if you can’t read Chinese.  The craft looks super easy…. even the youngest of crafters should have no problems putting this craft together.

First things first, get an empty can of tuna fish and clean out the can.  Let dry.  Connect clothespins to the entire can of tuna fish.  Keep the clothespins close together so you can not see any part of the can.  Put a bit of soil in the bottom and add your plant or flower.  As you can see the crafter added hearts to the clothespins… you can do the same by finding some heart templates online and printing them on red card stock or color them yourself.  Glue them onto a couple of the clothespins.  And, that’s it.  Super simple.  Give it to your Mother for Mother’s Day.   She will surely love it.

Craft Materials Needed:  Empty tuna fish can, Clothespins, Card stock (optional), Glue, (optional), Plant/Flower/Candle

Follow This Link to the Tutorial

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