Tutorial: Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbit Family

Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbit Family

Source: craftsbyamanda.com

I found this super cute craft in perfect time for Easter.  But, frankly these bunny rabbits are so cute…. this craft doesn’t have to be just limited to the Easter Holiday.  Amanda from Crafts by Amanda put this craft together and I love it!!  These bunny rabbits are made from both cardboard paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls.  But, if you don’t like the idea of using toilet paper rolls you could use only cardboard paper towel rolls and cut them down to the proper size.  The craft is really easy and the kids will have so much fun making them.  They can make an entire family of bunny rabbits…. they will be cute and totally fun to play with once the craft is finished.  She does use hot glue for some of this project, but if you would rather not use hot glue Amanda does point out that you could use something like Beacon’s instant grab glue instead.

Cut the cardboard tubes as Amanda instructs…. once you are done cutting you will have 5 baby bodies, 2 adult bodies and 14 ears.  Paint each of the tubes and ears in your desired color…. remember to paint both the inside and outside of the bodies.  Put some glue on the inside of the ears and squeeze shut until it is completely flat.  Now, use scissors to make the ears pointy.  Glue the ears to the top inside of each of the corresponding bodies.  Use pink paint to paint the inside of the ears.  Now, using things like pom poms, felt, construction paper and sharpies to decorate the bunnies and give them faces and personalities.  Look how adorable Amanda’s bunny rabbit family turned out….. I’m sure your family will be just as cute.  What a fun craft!!

Craft Materials Needed:  3 cardboard toilet paper tubes, 1 cardboard paper towel tube, 7 miniature pink and/or orange pom poms, felt in various colors for bow ties and hair bows, hot glue gun, black sharpie marker, scissors, white, orange and green felt for apron (optional), 2 buttons (optional),  Paint (dark pink, bright orange, light pink, bright light blue, bright yellow, light purple, bright light green)

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