Tutorial: Water Bottle Penguins

Water Bottle Penguins

Source: recycledawblog.blogspot.com

I love penguins.  They are just so cute…. how they waddle through the snow and on top of the ice.  I just love them.  Well, today I came across a super simple craft that shows you how to make penguins out of water bottles.  I found this craft at Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects.  The craft is an easy one, but so much fun.  And, you don’t need much in the way of supplies.  Plus, the craft is great for the environment as it reuses water bottles…. I love that!!

Kids will really enjoy making these penguins as when it is time to decorate the penguin they can use their imagination to create exactly how they envision their penguin to be.  Simply fill a recycled water bottle with cotton balls.  Cap the water bottle and cover the cap with black tape.  Now, the fun part begins…. let the kids start their decorating fun.  How did your penguin turn out?

Craft Materials Needed:  Water Bottle, Cotton Balls, Felt, Foam, Googly Eyes, Feathers/buttons/sequins/pom poms or whatever you have handy, Black Tape, White Craft Glue

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