Tutorial : Pizza Box Chalkboard and Whiteboard Easel

Pizza Box Chalkboard and Whiteboard Easel

Source: whipup.net

I found an amazing recycling project for kids on a website called Whipup.net. For this craft, the children will be making a chalkboard and whiteboard easel from recycled materials such as a small pizza box, a milk or juice jug cap and a few other materials (not recycled).  This would also make a fun activity for a child’s birthday party. Warning: Adult supervision is a must with this craft.

Crafts Material Needed: One Small Pizza Box, Extra Piece of Corrugated Cardboard (same size as the top of the pizza box), One Milk (or Juice) Jug Cap, One Small Piece of Foam (High-Density), Chalkboard Contact Paper, Dry-Erase Contact Paper, Craft Knife, Scissors, Hot Glue Gun

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