Tutorial: Clothespin Dinosaur

Clothespin Dinosaur

Source: notimeforflashcards.com

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids love to make crafts using clothespins.  Especially when they were really young…. they loved it.  I came across this clothespin dinosaur craft and I thought this craft would be perfect for toddlers and other young children.  Allison from No Time For Flashcards made this craft with her little son.  She grabbed some materials from around the house…. you probably already have the materials needed in your house as well.  Love those kind of crafts… no need to buy anything extra.  Plus, she uses an old cereal box for this craft…. yet another craft you can make from recycled materials.  Love those kind of crafts.

What I found that was really interesting is that Allison and her son used a dish scrubber instead of a paintbrush to pain the dinosaur.  What a wonderful idea!!  It gives the dinosaur an interesting texture.  But, no worries… if you don’t have an extra dish scrubber just use a paintbrush.

Craft Materials Needed:  cereal box, some paint, a marker, some clothespins, a googly eye and scissors.

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